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First Phyto Remediation can open up huge paths to re claim land which has had toxic spills so Awesome comment by the other person, the other is soil is loam, we want to make the Microbes healthy in the soil, Jeff Lowenfels wrote in his book Teaming with Microbes, if the soil is teaming with life’s energy so will what you are growing. If however in this day of Hydro and Aero, we may not even have soil, the concept of Photosynthesis is the same, so we have to feed the plant, it have to process the light/energy into the product, we desire. Should the soil not be able to uptake nutrients, then soil work for one season must be done. Again Phyto Remediation is the option, then the 2nd, 3rd etc, crops will have your soil work. Go prep that soil, feed the soil the elements the plant will need and add, BioChar, a friend of mine, Mahesh Talwar, innovated “Bio Char” for retaining water and helping uptake of the nutrients. So I use this and endorse, KARR Group of Companies, thank you again. Soil, is the Most Important consideration, I also use BAMFX, from the Zero Gravity Solutions, for uptake.

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