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We grew the Wife. Our clones were 3 weeks late – half weren’t rooted – most of those didn’t make it, but what we got acclimated and into the ground turned out pretty good. Had we gotten that extra month head start, I think they would’ve ended up far bushier than they were. But at the end of the day we had 19.5% CBDa (converted by the lab to 17.1% cbd) delta 9 – ND. We hung it and cured it for a couple weeks, then dry-trimmed with the trimit dry 5000.

The end result was a wonderfully aromatic, fruity smelling bud. Customers love it. Great smoke – way better looking than the flash dried stuff I’m seeing out there. We dropped of maybe a ton of the trim to a processing buddy of mine. He ran a pound as a test run yesterday and got 68g oil! That’s a 15% return. So, I’m very happy with it.

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