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While this sounds like reality, this post is filled with obvious signs that this farmer is not doing as good of a job as others. I average 4,000 lbs per acre from 1900 plants per acre in the Valley in Oregon. I have seen often in my own fields, 6,000 lbs per acre. Just because one person has low yielding plants with modest results, there is likely a lack of good terpenes in the profile, or too much dirt in their biomass.

POINT IS, CANNABIS FARMERS KNOW THIS CROP, AND GROW IT WITH GREAT SUCCESS. We sold our indoor hemp for $1,100 per lb on December 15- 150 lbs of it. All of our cut flower goes for 400-250, with the latter being in bulk.

Our crude is selling for $700 per kilo, because it is far better for distillers, because we know how to extract it, and it is not filled with dirt from the fields like every other newcomer to the industry

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