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Nice to see your service here in Oregon. It is needed. We have been planting for clients here for the last 6 years, with only one real problem, and that stemmed from a seed supplier that had BS C4 seed that was a total scam, sold by Tyler Schnell in Colorado.

We have put over 1/4 million quality, low THC, high CBD plants in the ground for clients, with two having a hard time selling, due to their mediocre feeding and care of the plants while growing. One other decided it would be smart to wet bale too, and lost 70%. These folks were unfortunately guilty of making poor decisions. That makes them the fault.

Aside from that, I have seen more folks save their farms and begin new lives with this crop, but there are always a few out there that plant too much, have no harvest plans, or don’t consider real protocol when dealing with mold. I never have very much loss to that, due to proper variety selection, and harvest timing, and knowing how to properly grow in this climate. This year was a challenge for many, but I did fine. Folks I heard of had their asses handed to them, but that was more because they were unrealistic in the approach, versus the crop not being worth growing. Lots of folks wasted money on forced dryers, and sure enough, they are starting to appear here on this site for sale USED, because they are all garbage. One in Canada for 150K just appeared today. They tend to ruin the CBD content. Things will settle out, and the ones that can grow something other than animal bedding will survive, and the rest will go on to other ventures.

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