Reply To: NoCo7 Hemp Expo

Rob Ford

I’ll be headed out to the event this year and am looking forward to it, it’s basically up the street from me and I was just at that complex for the stock show not too long ago. My focus this year is both professional and for a personal project I am building out. Primary focus for my personal project is finding craft-scale farmers who use better-than-organic practices to produce high-grade style smokable flower, e.g. no plastic mulch, KNF, DUM Pure, Demeter, etc. Primary focus for my professional attendance is working with clients who need supplemental lighting in greenhouses or even indoor grows even though that is particularly rare in the >.3% space. Speed breeders and producers with controlled environments looking to utilize flexible spectrum or high-production focused LED, the company I work with is Heliospectra out of Sweden.

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