Reply To: Scammers Hall of Shame Intro

Melissa P

BioLab Global is a no-go @solcbd704 is running a scam. They offer a high quality picture of their CBD flower but send out pea sized flowers with mold on them at $180 a pound without paperwork or labels on the pounds. They are awfully hard to get a hold of and it’s like pulling teeth with them. I’m not sure what or how people have reviewed them for being reputable. I had to call three different numbers and text two different numbers before someone finally answered. It took 3 days after paying for the products to even receive a word from the company. They lack many factors that other companies automatically can offer . Do yourself a favor and don’t buy from Paul Columbus.

I’ve tried texting Paul as he never wants to talk on the phone and I am waiting for them to make this right.

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