Full Body Zen

Hey there Janet.
We just wanted to bring to light our side of the story before other customers get a wrong view of our company. We highly value customer satisfaction and making sure our customers get the product that we advertise.
Our cherry wine is marketed as having a machine trim and being seedy, and any photo we send out of it represents that fully, it CLEARLY says so in our listing, and you were made fully aware over the phone of the quality and that it would be best ground up and used in prerolls.
We gave you extensive information over the phone every step of the way and sent over the same quality of product as advertised and photographed . The same product we have sold to hundreds of customers on the site and we are yet to have have any returned, although we have had others who did not read the listing about the cherry wine being seedy and realize it said so in the listing afte the fact as I assume went down here. Our insurance policy states that any returned flower must be disposed of, because of this we do make sure our customers are satisfied by having stringent quality control, it’s sad to have our first complaint on the site but we have done many successful deals with customers re-ordering so I am not concerned with our quality control at this time.
Of course when I had another farm ship to you I could not check the quality, you were made aware of this and given a photo of the product showing the flowers machine trim and the sugar leaf it still had on it.

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