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It takes 4,000 sqft to hang dry 1 acre. Whole plants, 15′ height. In Oregon with decent airflow in a wet fall, it takes 15-20 days to bring the flower from 70 to 12% moisture. Anything over 15% will start to mold during long-term storage.

Sun drying is the most economical way to dry given the commodity prices, but it’s only possible in dry climates (NV, UT, NM, TX, etc.)

Chinese belt dryers (containers with 3 levels of conveyor) can dry 1,500 lbs of shucked flower every or 6,000 lbs of wet combine harvester material every 24 hours. This is dry weight. Around 70-80% of wet weight is lost to moisture.

25 workers can shuck 1 acre of fresh plants in 10 hours. 6’x6′.

1 worker can shuck 100 lbs of dry flower every 10 hours.

1 modified combine harvester can replace 1,000 workers per day.

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