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Blaine Krumpe

Colleen, my name is Blaine and I handle bulk flower sales for CraftAg. In 2020 we partnered with SENECA Foods to develop an advanced cryo-curing lyophilization process that preserves the monoterpenes and cannabinoids that are lost with traditional hang drying and curing processes. This unique moisture removal process, via sublimation, prevents the degradation of plant matter, loss of weight, and results in an incredibly smooth smoking experience. This technology is used throughout the agriculture industry to preserve fruits and vegetables at their peak ripeness before they are sent to supermarkets.

CraftAg is currently the largest company employing this new technology at scale in the hemp industry. We have named this process Otzi after Otzi the Iceman frozen in time 5,000 years ago. By processing in this manner, we freeze the flower in time right after harvest, resulting in the freshest version of the hemp to hit the market. This method gives a superior taste, appearance, aroma, experience, and smokability for the customer.

Our current varieties include Kush Hemp, Special Sauce, Hawaiian Haze, and Sour Tsunami. Prices start at $240 per pound and get cheaper with volume. If you would like a sample sent out to see just how amazing this Otzi lyophilization process is, let me know where I can ship it free of charge.

Phone: 208-596-2760

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