Reply To: Water soluable cbd


I know this isn’t the questions you asked, but I know you will ask at some point. I do a lot of ultrasonic processing and there are several tradeoffs when it comes to key bioavailability (BAV), concentration, clarity, taste, and ingredient choices.

Typically, you want a median droplet size below 40 nm so there is optical clarity (aim for 10nm), this also has the highest BAV (smaller droplet size, better BAV). However, as you begin to approach 50 mg/mL (5% oil loading), it becomes difficult maintain the droplet size with optical clarity and thus BAV.

This all has to be done with ingredients like polysorbate 80, modified coconut oil (which isn’t stable in the cold) or a modified soy lecithin; all are synthetic and/or allergenic so they drive people away. It is very difficult to find high performing surfactants that can be certified organic, or at least green labeled because technical grade emulsifiers often requires enzymatic modification (from GMOs) or solvent processing, immediately disqualifying them. I have one that works decently well but you also have to worry about microbial stability, as well as removing the titanium particles that came off of the ultrasonic horn during processing.

Feel Free to contact me if you want to talk about ultrasonic processing or need advising/processing.

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