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Hi Anthony Zingaro,

This is Damian Moran, the owner of Amota Group. I am just going to leave this transcript from your email right here. This is after we spend hours educating and helping you understand some of the nuances of the hemp and CBD business, as you are brand new to the space.

And I quote from Anthony Zingaro on February 24th 7:07pm, two weeks after this review:

“I hope this does not affect our ability to do future business together.

I realize from your perspective it seems like I am the shady one now. Hope you understand that is NOT how I do business, I was just trying to protect myself.

Sorry Again.”

Apology accepted and we are always here for you for any future orders. Anyone who questions the authenticity of the email quote I can provide proof.

Have a great day Anthony and thank you for using

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