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    Which cultivars (varieties) of hemp do people think will be popular after this years harvest? Berry blossom, T1, Cherry Wine and Lifter were a big hit last year, is there a chance they will come back on top for the 2019 harvest, or is there an up and coming new cultivar that could be big?

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    Interesting question Carlo.

    I know many seed breeders who have been very active to create new hybrids with various characteristic. Some for high CBD, some with very low THC, and still others focused on a number of the minor cannabinoids. My sense is that some of the most stable cultivars like the Cherry and Cherry Wine, Boax and Oregon bred Elektra and Special Sauce will just get better with age like a fine wine. I also see a growing number of “new” varieties entering the grow space and expect to see that to be the case for a number of years to come.

    James Janer

    For me, I think Cherry Wine will still be popular. And yes you are right Zev, seed breeders nowadays have been very active in creating new hybrids that will help hemp industry to be more successful. As a matter of fact, we have over 1,000 Pounds left of Cherry Wine Hybrid Seeds for sale. Our specific seeds are highly sought after for their abundant terpenes, and flavonoids, with a high CBD percentage, and very low (legal levels) of THC.



    Great to see hemp genetic research advancing with promise! We will no doubt see increases in the use of other cannabinoids and terpenes.


    I’ve seen lots of demand and buzz around the Abacus strain. People who grew abacus, is that your best selling cultivar? People who have tried abacus, what do you use it for? What are some things you prefer about abacus flower vs other cultivars?


    We grew the Wife. Our clones were 3 weeks late – half weren’t rooted – most of those didn’t make it, but what we got acclimated and into the ground turned out pretty good. Had we gotten that extra month head start, I think they would’ve ended up far bushier than they were. But at the end of the day we had 19.5% CBDa (converted by the lab to 17.1% cbd) delta 9 – ND. We hung it and cured it for a couple weeks, then dry-trimmed with the trimit dry 5000.

    The end result was a wonderfully aromatic, fruity smelling bud. Customers love it. Great smoke – way better looking than the flash dried stuff I’m seeing out there. We dropped of maybe a ton of the trim to a processing buddy of mine. He ran a pound as a test run yesterday and got 68g oil! That’s a 15% return. So, I’m very happy with it.


    @Erik congrats on pulling it off! The wife is a great cultivar, one of my favorites. Seems like the late start lead you all to grow some special stuff! Every farmer’s planting and harvesting process varies. Even though your cultivar may be the same as other growers, the choices you make along the way will yield a unique crop that has its own story.

    That’s just one of the rewards of farming hemp, you end up with a product that is truly a labor of love from everyone involved.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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