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    Jeff W

    Hey all, I made a purchase from American White Label CBD and received smaller nugs and more seeds than expected. I made a post here about it, and Matt called me within a couple hours. We spoke on the phone, I showed him videos of the product and he agreed it wasn’t up to their standards. He immediately issued a refund for the full amount, showed proof/receipt and modified his posts to reflect the smaller bud size and greater volume of seeds.

    I’m very happy with his quick and reasonable communication and that he took action to rectify the situation and provide transparency to his customers immediately.

    Great guy, I’ll definitely be buying from American White Label CBD again.

    (user: Matt Brandow / @digitallyinclined)

    Matt Brandow

    Thank you so much Jeff! At American White Label CBD, we’re here to service our customers at our upmost best ability. This is exactly why I quickly called you back and made this wrong into a right 🙂

    Thank you again Jeff for bringing this issue to our attention, I’ve already made many changes to the ad and our website! Also, speaking with our vendor on the quality control on their part to get this bar raised!

    We don’t want to keep sending this to current and new customers.

    Thanks again Jeff! Great speaking with you over the phone and also texts to help us make this better!

    Matt Brandow


    Thanks for posting y’all! I moved this from Hall of Shame to Hemp Heroes.

    Matt Brandow

    Thank you so much Carlo!

    Lewis Boatner

    Had a good experience they were affordable and had quick turnaround nice quality and good selection!

    Matt Brandow

    Thank you so much Lewis! It was great serving you and let me know if you need anything else. I’ll always be here to take care you and all our customers equally.


    American white Label are scamming people.Do not order from them .I placed an order 2 months ago and tried to contact them multiple times after .They keep telling me they’ve send it .Then after a month waiting and trying to get a hold of them they tell me they’ll send me a refund for 4100$ Just to make me wait another month with not picking up the phone or answer messages.Now they’ve put a joke fake computer voice message just for my phone .I’ve tried to contact them multiple times .Definitely do not recommend.STOP SCAMMING THE PEOPLE

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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