Avoiding heavy metal accumulation in hemp

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    This is a great article with good info and reminders for potential first-timers.

    “How and where can the industry start to solve this pervasive issue of heavy-metal accumulation in hemp?

    It starts with picking the right land. It starts by planting the right seed. It starts with self-regulating and pushing for higher industry standards. It starts with transparency. Most importantly, it starts with the right decisions from the people at the ground level of the cannabis supply chain.”

    Please chime in if you are knowledgeable about soil testing or field research!

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    I would be curious to know who in our community has run into this issue and what you are doing about it.


    You need to have your soil tested first for the presence of metals. Any land that has been heavy farmed commercial is likely to have elevated level of cadmium and lead from pesticide and synthetics The PH of the soil comes into factor. There Lower PH the more likely Plants are to absorbed heavy metals. Liming your soil and adjusting the correct PH provided calcium and magnesium can reduce the stress of the plant and possibly lessen the heavy metal uptake of through the roots.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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