Berry Blossom Flower- Beware! Poor quality!! Worse Service!

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    We recently purchased hemp flower from Paul at this listing: for Berry Blossom flower.

    He sent us pictures of beautiful big perfectly trimmed flower. We ordered 2 lbs, as a sample. What we received was a bag full of shake and stem, completely unsellable as flower. We tried contacting him for several days to either return or exchange the flower, but he refuses to answer calls, texts or emails. Looks like we’re stuck with it. BUYERS BEWARE!!!

    The invoice we received was from Solution US CBD.

    Southern Charm

    Was this company from Cali? I’m seeing an ad on another site that meets the criteria listed above, and it looks like someone bought two lbs for a little over a grand….


    thats horrible, we have berry blossom 13k lbs and its beautiful light green and untrimmed once trimmed its loud and sticky $150.00


    It’s the bad business of brokering that causes these problems and makes real brokers look bad. People that say they have or can get product that actually can’t or don’t have it. Your are in Colorado from what I can see from your username. Get connected with mile high in Denver or kazmira, reputable labs that you can pick your product up from IN PERSON and pay IN PERSON. Message me if you need help with this.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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