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    Joel Rosenblum

    I don’t think Blayde Becksted (Becksted Farm, blaydecorp) is a true legit scammer, but basically he’s an idiot and too proud to realize how stupid he is, and in essence, he ended up shorting me 250g of CBD hash oil. I paid for 1kg and I got 750g. The jar he sent was only about 85% full by the looks of it, and keep in mind that you can’t even fit 1kg of hash oil into 1qt jar, because oil is around 90% the density of water, and 1qt is not even 1L (1L water is 1kg).

    He said, “But my scale said 1.2kg and the jar weighed 200g.”

    I said, Blayde, your scale is wrong then, because an empty 1qt Ball jar weighs 1lb. Not just on my scale, but even online this info is available, and I showed him a URL. He said he could send me some terps to compensate me. I said fine (thinking he must understand that he did short me). After 2 months, no terps. Just lots of excuses week after week (I always had to ask him what was up this week etc).

    So I ask him how he’d like it if someone took his money like this and gave him less than what he paid for?

    He said that he gave me exactly what I paid for! What? After 2 months now you decided that I was lying? After all the evidence?

    This the height of arrogance, Blayde, and I don’t see how you can run a business without even knowing how to use a scale or do research online. I would never accuse my customers of lying until I do some thorough research to disprove what they are saying.

    Carlo Suits

    Joel, thanks for this complete report. Your formatting is great and provides accurate details. Sorry you went through this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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