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    Ryan R.

    So i get a sketchy, less than honest, bad vibe from them 100%. But maybe im wrong.

    I can see they just jack pictures from others. Then if you go look at their flower page, its the same description for the seed page. Come on!

    So point being, has anyone ran feminized seeds from them? Like 500+. If so, how was germination, seed quality, herm rate, finish quality CBD/THC?.

    Would appreciate any feedback.

    A. Quinn

    Hi Ryan,
    As I have had a relationship with BFF in the past I can say that I know farmers who used them and were happy. That was last year’s harvest so I’m not sure how the quality has changed since my connections have moved onto other ventures.

    Ryan R.

    Cool deal, preciate the input.

    RAW Moderator


    I have spoken to BFF a number of times and visited once when they had a hemp dryer demo in their processing building. I think they are straight shooters. Not sure why the would take pictures from other farme when they have their own crop to highlight.


    Ryan R.

    Good to hear. Preciate the input. Their website is almost nicely built. Just a few little things made me doubt the legitimacy. They are close to being good, just need a little more transparency for ppl to really trust them i think.

    They could probably have better sales if they finished the website with fresher pictures, maybe like their farm and greenhouse, etc… and proper descriptions. Nothin biggie, just could give the website a better feel.

    Thanks for yalls input though. I’ll feel better buying seeds from them if thats the route i go.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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