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    Rachael Yamanoha

    I recently heard/read, that Full Spectrum CBD oil can only be sold in States where Cannabis is legal medicinal/rec? Can anyone confirm this for me?

    RAW Moderator

    Rachael – Excellent question!

    This issue is still in a bit of a “grey” area. It is safe to say that at this time NOTHING is totally legal in ALL 50 states. A few states have very restrictive laws pertaining to CBD and some regarding the inclusion of CBD ingredients (including high CBD oils) in any food product.

    Right now it is critical that any buyer understands what their State laws are and of course to consult with a competent hemp attorney.


    I was in Georgia recently, and I saw CBD products, full spectrum and otherwise, sold in many places!
    Here in Colorado it is in abundance.

    Like Zev said, nothings a national standard yet, check with each state to make sure they allow CBD products.

    Rachael Yamanoha

    Thank you for the information Zev and Carlos. Very helpful. I am curious as to how this works in e-commerce? Can someone from a non-legal state purchase via the internet? I live in California so I have no issues but I am curious if someone from a non-legal state has issues purchasing full-spectrum.

    Rachael Yamanoha

    Just got back from a long visit to Kentucky. Louisville is my hometown. Was pleasantly surprised that numerous Full-Spectrum CBD products were being sold at festivals and markets. I guess KY does not have a prohibition against it regardless of the small amounts of THC. A lot of craft sellers with good quality products. Seems to be a thriving market there.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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