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    A. Quinn

    In the world of foods and CBD we have seen some amazing advances with infusion in common foods and drinks. I recently saw CBD wine, beer, water drops, sour candy sprays and gum for sale at a smoke shop near me. Now, obviously the wine and beer are for adults but the other items seemed to be geared for a youthful market. I know that there many adults who love a good candy but these items are pretty “kid” friendly. Now I’m not hating as I ate my fair share of candy cigarettes and I know many adults love wild berry zinger flavors but it did provoke a response from me quickly. I have no issue with kids learning about cannabis or using for medical reasons but this reminded me of Joe Camel and all the ads pulled from that targeted campaign. What is our communities thoughts on how we advertise food and drinks?
    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


    The comparison to tobacco products aimed at children doesn’t fit. Consumption of CBD is safe and beneficial with no derogatory health effects, for adults and children.

    A. Quinn

    This isn’t a comment on efficacy it’s a comment on how we, as a community, market food and loose hemp products safely and effectively. In my state there are no gummies or pre rolls sold at any location that does not have a tobacco license. It’s more about location and acceptance of how these products are marketed safely according to regulations.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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