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    Lately I have been seeing an uprising in the commentary around the safety of the CBD products people are manufacturing. Naturally there are many companies selling similar products, so it’s difficult for new consumers to know where to start; as the uninformed can easily make a wrong choice.

    There has been buzz around “gas station CBD”, which has raised questions around the toxicity and potential harm of CBD products which are not farm-grown quality.

    Even the good stuff that we see from our local farm can be scary for a newcomer to try.

    For those in the industry, what are some ways that you help educate those who are new to the CBD world? What are the main points you try to get across when people ask you questions?

    I try to emphasize that you should try to learn as much about where a product you are interested in comes from, because often times it will lead you right to the website of the farmer or company, and usually the reputable brands will have details about their farms available.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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