How has COVID-19 affected your hemp life?

Hemp Marketplace EventsHow has COVID-19 affected your hemp life?

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    From this Article:
    “Honestly, I think that the American hemp industry can do nothing but benefit from the coronavirus in China…So any kind of hiccup in that supply chain on their end allows American farmers to get into the international market, and it helps limit the flood of cheap Chinese CBD that is coming into America…”

    An interesting point, I wonder how we will see this start to manifest with cost & availability of hemp. The article also mentions that vapes and all parts are mostly manufactured in China as well. Has anyone noticed a change in that market?

    Does anyone have a personal experience of how corona virus/illness (or a recent increase in safety and sanitation protocol) has affected their hemp life?

    RAW Moderator

    I wish I could agree with this assessment, but the area that China has the largest lead over U.S. companies is in the textile sector and even with a several month shutdown, I do not see that having much of a difference to the U.S.’s ability to install required infrastructure and begin to narrow the gap.

    Donally Harrison

    Vape cartridges are certainly affected, but this outbreak also has exposed supply chain vulnerabilities for equipment such as industrial hemp dryers made in China. We’re moving to a USA manufacturer by Q2 to hedge against future disruptions in equipment and spare parts for our customers.


    How is everyone keeping on top of their hemp grind alongside isolation/shutdowns?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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