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    Looking to find a reliable and honest gummy supplier for white label.

    James Paskalides

    Hi, Our Brand manufactures 50mg ∆ 8 THC gummies we can do from .35-.50 cents depending on quantity you would like.


    Hi we offer a few different options of 25 mg D8 gummies for wholesale. We also offer private labeling and can introduce different terpene profiles per the company’s liking. Here is a link to our product:

    $4 per 100 MOQ
    $2.30 per 1000 MOQ

    Please email me if you would like more information. Thank you

    Blake Henry

    The Hemp Collect

    Let’s chat. We supply and white-label for some of the industry’s largest brands. We would love to quote you and see if we can bring value and reliability to your supply needs. We manufacture and pack in GMP-certified facilities.

    Galaxy Groves

    I can supply you high quality at great prices on any cannabinoid including d8 and hhc. We are the oil processor so no middle man. All of our gummies are large 6 gram ones not the standard small gummies to try and make them cheaper. We do all vegan pectin. Message or email me and well take care of you. I have some awesome 50/50 d8/d9 gummies that smack!

    Tyler Workman

    Good afternoon. I own a large gummy manufacturing facility we always keep product on the ground and have a variety of different flavors. All of the distillate used in our gummies is provided by my CGMP lab in Colorado and I can provide you with full traceability and COAs. If you would like to reach out we can schedule a FaceTime call at the facility or an in person meeting if you’re in Florida. Let me know if you’re interested or have any further questions we can work with you on pricing. 561-558-7044.


    Hey I’m Chris Flippo, been manufacturing gummies for 4 years now. Most of the ads on Kush .com car, and my website is I ACTUALLY make the gummies. Haha

    Robert Painter

    I can supply you D8 Gummies, White label Packaged for .20 cents per.

    Thats going to be the best price you can find on here, if interested my phone number is (646-399-1876)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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