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    New to the industry. Found their website and was really intrigued by the quality and prices. I was able to use my Mastercard at checkout which was strange to me since it was a bulk purchase. They followed up with me via text message saying that the charge wouldn’t go through because their processor was having issues. They said they can take a wire, or bitcoin. I said I will wire. He said that Chase bank had just suspended his account that day, so he is having trouble taking wire payments. Asked me again if I could do a bitcoin payment. At that point I started to think it was probably a scam. I called the number he texted me from and the voicemail sounded like some Nigerian guy. I searched the LLC they listed on their ad, and after doing some digging, the owner of the LLC also owns a pretty large car dealership. So I doubt they would have some unprofessional nigerian guy doing customer service. Definitely stay away from this website.

    RAW Moderator

    Thank you Andy we will move them to the “Questionable” section.


    it is a scam, very long story. The site has no ssl certificate even on the check out page. The number rings into a voicemail with an African guy yawning. Got a text 2 days later. When I asked to visit the farm without disclosing how much I wanted to buy , I was told that they make arrangements for that for 100 plus pounds but would make an exception for me after I pay for my first order…….

    K.C. Peck

    I am sorry to report that is indeed a scam. I have had a very rough week trying to purchase flower from this company, and after several bitcoin payments I have received no product at all.

    I first placed an order through their website and received no confirmation email or any communication from them at all for several days, and the debit card I used to check out was not charged. I called the number on the site and did not get an answer.

    Then, several days later, I received a text message from the number saying that my order was not processed because I did not meet their minimum order (which was not mentioned on their website at all.) He told me that their minimum order was three pounds, and that my card would not work for payment as it had been flagged for fraud because I did not meet their minimum order. I was told that if I ordered three pounds and paid via bitcoin that day (Sunday October 13th) that my order would ship via overnight on Monday and would be delivered on Tuesday. I picked three strains and was given a total of $1,020, which I sent to them via a bitcoin ATM as instructed. I did not receive a tracking number, but remained hopeful that I would still receive the package.

    When the package did not arrive on Tuesday, I texted him asking what was going on. The reply was that the minimum order was now six pounds, and if I wanted to receive the three pounds I had paid for I would need to send bitcoin for three more. I was not happy about this, so I asked if there was another resolution. He “asked his partner” and came back with a compromise; he told me that if I paid for one more pound they would ship out the four pound order via two day shipping on Wednesday. So, as instructed, I sent an additional $300 via bitcoin and was promised that I would get a tracking number by 2pm on Weds. I did not receive the tracking number that was promised so I asked for it around 3pm on Weds. He told me that the package had been shipped, but he was waiting for the “delivery guy” to return with a tracking number.

    When the parcel did not arrive on Friday, I asked about it again but did not get a reply. I then went to the chat box on their website, and got a reply saying that I must pay for two more pounds if I wanted to receive the four pounds I had already paid for.

    I was told that if I did not want to send them more money, I could request a refund but that I would not hear back about the refund process until Monday morning. Unfortunately, Monday morning has come and gone and I have not gotten any replies to my messages, emails or phone calls.

    Long story short, I submitted payment as requested, received nothing, sent more money as instructed, was told that my package was one the way, still received nothing, was asked to send even more money, and then did not hear back about a refund.

    I have spent many hours communicating with them and trying to come to a resolution, but in the end they have completely scammed me.

    Also, the debit card that I used to place the original order has been violated in the meantime.

    I would STAY AWAY from this “company” at all costs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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