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    Justin Stewart

    Im more than willing to give free samples, but there are those that take advantage. Two such individuals ive found so far are:

    Jacob Huber; Multiple asks over time, even goes so far as to say he didnt receive it when i have confirmation of delivery.

    The other is


    I just got a request from Jacob Huber~! Thanks for the info much appreciated

    Jim Mckoen

    Yes multiple times from Jacob Huber 4 different emails trying to Tell me what price my add says

    Justin Stewart

    Clifford lapan another one.

    Justin Stewart

    Ive just been telling them no on samples. Past experience dictates future decisions, and i can say with confidence that half- stepping, free sample hounds arent the kind of people i ever ended up doing any kind of meaningful business with. Serious buyers bought pounds as a test, as anyone on that level should know you arent gonna get a good picture of whatbit is unless you have that amount in front of you.
    Best way to stop em, stop giving free samples. Period.

    Richard Ward

    Jacob Huber harassed us for multiple times per week for several weeks for free samples, claimed to be “def” so couldn’t talk on phone, also claimed to be at work another time. It seems every time our page gets bumped to front page he thinks we are a company he hasn’t asked yet.

    Ben Wilcox

    Another scammer is Salem Heidz from Falling Waters, WV. The email he used with me was, although I think he has multiple email accounts… Beware and don’t trust him, he never paid me for samples and I have since spoken with other growers he scammed for free hemp as well.

    Brian Smith

    I agree. If you can’t afford a pound as a sample I don’t know what you are doing

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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