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    It is no surprise that drone technology has proven to be highly useful to farmers. Manually operating every aspect of a farm from ground level has its setbacks.

    Hemp drone crop management, also known as “smart farming” can help farmers understand more about their field and the crops they are growing, as well as provide a birds eye view.
    Drones equipped with infrared technology can use their sensors and cameras to report on hydration, temperature, stress, and pests.

    It can help farmers learn about topography and soil types, and delivers hard data instantly to the farmer.
    Drones help with time and labor intensive activities, such as counting how many plants in a field, monitoring plant health and determine whether they are being properly cared for, as well as collecting important irrigation and fertilizer data.

    With a drone, you can accurately estimate the size of a field, identify problem areas. Drones can be equipped with water tanks to water dry sections of the field.

    The drone could also be equipped to spray pesticides to eliminate pests on the crop.
    While drones are expensive, (ranging from $2000-$15000) the investment is typically worthwhile and most often saves in time what you spend in money.

    Please chime in if you have any experience using drones to assist in your hemp farming!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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