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    Just started an LLC for my hemp brand. Wondering if hemp flower is correctly packaged and labeled and is sold as a retail item then as long as I pay the necessary taxes associated with local and state I should be okay ? I am in California .

    RAW Moderator

    Are you asking about the laws in California for selling hemp flower? Make sure you have a clean, clear COA for all your products. I believe California is looking for .3% TOTAL THC in all products. May hemp flowers have a higher THCa content which “might” become an issue. Talk to your local Police person.


    Thanks, I understand that part. I will only source hemp flower that is within the .3 thc % range and make sure I have a clear COA for all products. I am just wondering if I will run into any trouble with banking such as getting a business account that recognizes hemp is now legal.

    Lewis Boatner

    Hello Arthur. In regards to banking they do no like to see the word Hemp anywhere. They refused a wire transfer of mine because said Hemp products. So I now use company credit card and request vendors not use Hemp wording. I’m in Texas and they are debating legality of resell for smokable flower.

    Good luck and this is a great forum to access.


    Hey Lewis, I’m in Texas as well… In the process of getting a retail line to market for flower. What are you referring to when you say “they are debating legality of resell for smokable flower”? Thanks in advance!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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