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    Imagine having this team of folks to work with, to take the hemp industry to the next level: http://www.rbi.gatech.edu/

    Our team is meeting with their leadership this week to discuss the product opportunities they see for hemp. These are top level PhDs of the paper/pulp/cellulose industry, some with decades working for companies like Kimberly Clark. I learned that Kimberly Clark could have developed biodegradable diapers years and years ago. Their R&D folks said it was not a problem to do. So why don’t we see it? Marketing said “Our customers aren’t asking for that.” That’s how “Marketing” regards the planet, just a landfill. I would love to see several semi-loads of rotting diapers deposited in the yards and golf courses of these people.

    (Been watching a bit of George Carlin lately.)

    What’s their view of the hemp opportunity? In a word, Historic. Whenever you read that hemp can produce 50,000 products, talk to these guys, your estimate will go up to 75,000.

    Is there, and will there be, pushback from industries that could lose market share from the expansion of hemp into plastics, and related? You bet! Those petroleum guys are going to have to start taking CBD to deal with the stress.

    Anyway, sorry for the ramble, but please look over Georgia Tech’s Renewable Bioproducts website.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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