How Much Hemp Will We Harvest in 2019?

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    Across the Northern Hemisphere hemp farmers are in the process of preparing their fields, tending their seedlings or clones,and starting the planting of their hemp. It is guesstimated that we will again see a huge increase in the amount of hemp plants and harvested this year over the 78,000 official acres planted in 2018. If I were to guess I would say we can expect at least 200,000 acres at harvest time in the fall. Anyone else want to guess?

    It would be helpful to know what challenges farmers are experiencing this planting season and the types of solution you have come up with to overcome them.


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    Thank you for this information and best of success in your grow. I am most curious what folks think will be the NATIONAL amount of hemp harvested in 2019.


    So far that’s been a hard number to nail down. Here in Montana we harvested 22,000 acres in 2018. This year I have heard that we have 3-4 times as many farmers. Now up here, we grow CBD, fiber, and grain. The dry land guys will likely plant 1,000+ acres each of fiber. I would not be surprised if Montana hits 75,000 acres on it’s own.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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