J&D Hemp Farms!!!!!!

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    Khalid H

    https://www.jdhempfarm.com/ <— SCAMMERS

    SCAM COMPLETE SCAM AVOID J&D HEMP FARMS at all costs! I ordered from them originally on 6 Aug, they said they would sent out the order 2 days later because the Zelle payment needed to clear. 2 days later I e-mailed for an update no response. I gave it 3-4 more days and reached out to them again…no response. I then used my wife’s phone and texted them pretending to be a new customer and they answered right away! When I asked them what was going on with my order and why they seem to be avoiding me they said that there was a 2lb minimum! And then they went back to ignoring me! I then tried to use this little chat message thing on their website…once again if they think you are a new customer they answer right away…if they know it is you they will ignore it. 2 weeks now…no response from them and no order 🙁 Don’t EVER use Zelle for payments as a piece of advice.

    RAW Moderator

    Do not purchase ANYTHING from that website. We have removed one listing several weeks ago. If you see this website attached to any other listing please let us know right away and we will remove it and ban them.

    Michael Jacobs

    I am so happy that people call out these crooks. If anyone else knows of anyone please put them on blast.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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