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    Do not buy from either of these companies, complete SCAM!


    Matt, please detail your experience with both these companies so we can further our due diligence process.

    Thank you


    J&d hill scammed me. Sent them 400 for a pound on 8/1. They messaged back shortly that the payment got stopped because PayPal doesn’t deal deal with hemp companies and said they reversed it and asked my to send it zelle. I said I need to wait for it to get back in my account. Not there for a couple days so I go back to their account and PayPal is still up for accepting payment. I got suspicious because why wouldn’t you take that down? We emailed back and forth, real short emails, like I haven’t got it back yet and he said it showed it was. Then I message two times before getting a response that said here’s proff(it didn’t say proof) that it was reversed but the little image didn’t prove anything, kinda did the opposite for me. It said it was reversed to Addam Frazer on 8/2 and the original purchase date was 8/2. But it came out of my account on 8/1 and I’m not Addam Frazer. Plus it was an RET file format, which I had never heard of but googled and yeah, they’re scammers. I emailed back saying this isn’t me and that was just about 10 minutes ago. Came on here and searched them and came across this thread. It’s so totally opposite about what this community is all about. Lame.


    any other reports of scamming? or any success stories with these guys?

    Zac Esquivel

    I was scammed by these guys going as “Comexi” send them 800 for 2 pounds through Zelle, they stopped communicating after receiving the funds…


    This is super unfortunate.


    I will like that who ever complained about scams should first contact us if we are unable to resolve your issue then you can bring it up to the webmasters. and don’t tie us with comexi hemp because we have no relationship so please if there is any problem with your order contact us so we can get it sorted asap


    I came to you first and my issue still isn’t resolved, so what’s up with my $400? That’s not how the Cannabis community works. usually if somebody steals from me, I just say ahhh, well, I guess they needed it worse than I do. But I don’t believe that’s the case in this situation, I’m just a poor boy trying to get by and make a few dollars and it aint cool.

    Bobby C

    I also sent them $$ Wednesday night. They said would ship in the am… I contacted them following night he said had a slight delay will ship tomorrow… I contacted the next day and they said they would let me know when they ship….. now seems like a pretty tall story “organic Harle Tsu” for a scammer to just make up…. but then I see this thread which doesn’t help with the messed up nature of the internet so???

    WTF J D Hemp Farms? I like how U popped in on this thread, but U didn’t fix a thing for OP so?? http://www.jdhempfarm.com
    Actually ship some bud and I’ll be the first one to post a success story…

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    Rob Owens

    These asshats scammed me too! I bought one pound of Charlotte’s Web from them on Aug 1st. Three days later when I requested tracking details they told me I did not order the minimum quantity of three lbs. I asked for a refund and for the last ten days he has strung me along that it is “processing” and he will do it today. But alas, no refund. I’ve asked the ODA for their license number so I can locate their farm and I’m fit to go see them if this isn’t resolved.

    Khalid H

    SCAM COMPLETE SCAM AVOID J&D HEMP FARMS at all costs! I ordered from them originally on 6 Aug, they said they would sent out the order 2 days later because the Zelle payment needed to clear. 2 days later I e-mailed for an update no response. I gave it 3-4 more days and reached out to them again…no response. I then used my wife’s phone and texted them pretending to be a new customer and they answered right away! When I asked them what was going on with my order and why they seem to be avoiding me they said that there was a 2lb minimum! And then they went back to ignoring me! I then tried to use this little chat message thing on their website…once again if they think you are a new customer they answer right away…if they know it is you they will ignore it. 2 weeks now…no response from them and no order 🙁 To make matters worse, HempRAWmarketplace still allow these scammers to advertise on their site! I can post a screenshot to this forum if anyone would like to see my e-mail correspondence with these scammers. Don’t EVER use Zelle for payments as a piece of advice.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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