Kona wholesale scam

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    I ordered 5 pounds of shake from Kona Wholesale. They sent me an invoice via Square and I paid. I received a text saying that my package was being shipped that day but with no tracking. No biggy I thought. Thursday I got a little worried so I text asking for a tracking number. No response. Tried again that night, nothing. Then from my girlfriends number I tried. Nothing. Today I called from both our numbers. Nothing. Emailed, nothing. When I inquired about ordering they replied within the minute and even it came time for paying they were on it. So I knew something was up. Today again I have no package and none of my postal apps are telling me I have anything coming from anywhere. So I had to dispute the charge and get a new card from my bank. This sucks, who do I contact on here about this?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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