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    These ppl will send you a package. Then tell you its your responsibility when it gets confiscated. These ppl are thiefs. Do not shop with them. Jennifer is thief so is chase. Complete bumb juice


    For the record, the ONLY reason that I am replying to this is because a Moderator asked me to clear some things up.

    Fact: Thieves don’t complete a sale, ship the product, offer complimentary follow up if the product is seized or stolen from your front porch, nor can they provide proof of each shipment for something that was stolen. That’s ridiculous.

    Fact: Our terms of service are clear – We are not responsible for stolen goods and or seizures, this is customary across the industry. With this being said, we still have taken the time and resources to assist in finding the goods and getting them returned in good order. But the threats of posting negative comments and “staying on our backs” will not yield a positive result. You cant attempt to strong arm, make reckless accusations and still expect our help.

    Fact: You have access to the same information that we do in reference to your orders – clearly there is no grand conspiracy with KRUSH and the UPS, State Police to steal hemp that we paid our framers for and shipped to you. Check all of your tracking numbers and follow the trail.


    In the Hemp business – with any business there is risk. We do our part to help our clients to mitigate that risk as much as possible by providing all COA docs and Law enforcement letters with each shipment. UPS – USPS – Fed EX – none of these fine establishments are Hemp experts, thus things happen with shipments that they may have questions about. Our account with each of the aforementioned clearly outlines that we are a Hemp / CBD company yet we have an occasional “catch and release” situation with a large shipment here and there. 100% of the time in our two years in business the packages are released or returned for re shipping.

    For those who are new to the business, attempting to transition from Cannabis to Hemp or doing exploratory research on starting your own company, I would like to give a few words of advice.

    1. Law enforcement – shipping companies are still in the education phase of Hemp – vs Cannabis and overcoming the stigma of the benefits of both. Shit will happen, its inevitable… ask anyone that has been in the Game for any length of time and they will confirm this.

    2. Working with a group that has your best interest is key, even after the sale. Even with post by lovely Joe, we still are going to bat for the guy to help him bounce back and make money. The things unseen are most times the things most important.

    Peace and Respect to all of the Marketers reading this, for those still looking for confirmation, we have created a link on our site for the “bumb juice”…sigh



    This guy is full of shit. First of all. You never said anything about if products are seized im responsible or i wouldve never used your company in the 1st place. After my package was confiscated you guys sent me 5lbs of pure garbage using the same shipping company. Package was sent to my house open. I have the texts yall said that was free. Yall changed the invoice in the process of this entire ordeal and I have proof that. The original invoice didnt mention anything about siezed products or i wouldnt have spent money with you thieves. This didnt go as planned and yall decide to send me some bs and change the invoice then say i have to deal with it. Complete bs. Yall are bad business.


    I placed an order with Krush too. It was also shipped and siezed BUT Krush did give me a full refund and I may try again with them once they are certified by ups


    At least them bumbs gave you a refund.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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