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    Anthony P

    Hi I am looking for good quality hemp shipped to Ireland most sellers don’t even reply (maybe they think it’s illegal) I don’t know the reason but if you think you can help hit me up

    RAW Moderator

    Greetings Anthony,

    Most farmers have little experience shipping their hemp out of the country. The legal status is sometimes hard to determine and the risk of a shipment getting delayed or ceased for a variety of reasons make most people hesitate. The simple face that hemp contains a very small amount of THC is often a reason for sellers to hesitate.

    Extracting the hemp oil and removing the THC is by far the safest way to ship out of the country. Good luck finding a solid and dependable source for your hemp supply.

    Zev Paiss

    Joey N CBD

    Hey Anthony P,

    I hope you are well. My name is Joey, I’m based in the UK and if you are looking for a supplier, I can assist you. I was just wondering what products you were after? Hemp plant or hemp derived products such as tinctures, isolates, and distillates?

    I’ve spent a considerable amount of time sampling with a supplier who can provide you with COA’s on orders if requested to ensure you feel confident about your products.

    As the product is sourced in the EU this means faster shipping should you require it and the products also comply with Irish legislation.

    Would be great to chat more, no pressure though!


    A. Quinn

    I’ve started an international hemp shipping program and work directly with the governmental agencies to import and export.

    Please visit
    Or email me at

    Rose Maine

    Hey Anthony,
    My team has been very efficient and successful in shipping to most countries in Europe for the past decades. Lemme know if you are still looking

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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