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    Liam Burns

    Hey everybody! Currently putting out a RFP for 50-100 Liters of Delta-8 (Hemp Derived) THC8. This will be for the 1st initial order. Ready to order ASAP. I am the direct buyer, proof of funds available. Let’s make a deal!

    A. Quinn

    Let’s do it! Sending message


    Hello we are processing our first 30 kilograms right now, I have full panel testing on the distillate and I do believe the Isolate also. Over the next 40 days I expect we will have around 60-65. What would you be willing to pay. Im in NC btw

    Benjamin Pipkin

    Hi. We have as much D8 as you want and no one can touch our prices. If you still need help, feel free to get in touch.

    797-504-WEED (9333)

    Cool forum

    Benjamin Pipkin

    Typo! 707-504-9333

    Tom Young

    We have 50 State complaint Delta 8 at $2,800 per liter. We have 40 liters available immediately and we’re taking deposits to process future orders. We also have D8 flower available

    Liam Burns

    Tom please email me at liam@hempwholesaler.com regarding the Delta 8 Distillate

    Jason Cope

    I have 100 liters at 85% ISO Cert tested ready to go immediately at 2500 per liter.

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    dylan sanford

    shoot me a text at 6157304825


    Distillate Broker – Packaged and bulk Delta 8 available for larger quantity orders. Lab tested, Derived from Hemp, if you’re still looking. No contract required, price point available via phone. My client works with medium to large scale customers and offers lucrative pricing options. Please call/text Scott @ 585-406-4861

    Rose Maine

    We have available 45 liters of D8 distillate and D8 flower available right now. Please dm for more information on pricing and coa

    text: 720 336 1546
    email: hempworxconnectioncbd@gmail.com

    Rabih Fayad

    We have plenty 1,750$/kg 970 880 2877

    Galaxy Groves

    I can supply you high quality at great prices on any cannabinoid including d8 and hhc. We are the oil processor so no middle man. All of our gummies are large 6 gram ones not the standard small gummies to try and make them cheaper. We do all vegan pectin. Message or email me and well take care of you. I have some awesome 50/50 d8/d9 gummies that smack!


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    Jone Martin
    tom hiddleston

    Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been searching a lot lately. While I was searching I found this trap the cat

    Tyler Workman

    Hey Liam, I am the owner of a CGMP extraction facility in Colorado. Please reach out I can provide full traceability, lab tours and best highest quality product. Our average D8 range is 93%. If you have any further questions feel free to contact me at anytime. My phone number is 561-558-4825 and my email is tyler@gethempd.com

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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