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    hello all,
    I’m looking for vendors that are willing to put together smaller custom orders. I was looking for a pound of cbd flower made up of a a couple strains and maybe a couple ounces of d8 flower as well. Im just trying d8 for the first time and can’t commit to a pound of d8 just yet not knowing how it will treat me. Trying to save some money and not go to the dispensary as frequently. Anyway im hoping to have an offer under 400 ideally around 300 dollars im not sure if that’s a realistic ask or not. Any point in the right direction is appreciated.
    (Sorry if this is a double post I don’t think it went through last time)
    Stay blessed


    and too be clear i prefer quality over quantity here im not stuck on these amounts or ratio of d8 to cbd flower but I’d love to be able to purchase both from the same vendor to keep things simple.


    DO NOT USE MARIJAH’S. I just went through two weeks of begging for a tracking number (which never existed) to the point where they won’t even answer my calls. They did refund my money saying, we will give you free next day shipping on your next two orders. Well what about this order? Why can’t you just simply Next Day my order now? But he insisted and now after two weeks I am looking for a vendor myself. They treat you like an unwanted guest. This whole thing put me in an awkward situation. No flower and looking.

    Catherine Heath

    Hey Zach!

    I can help. please email me at cat@heathenterprises.org. I have a network of farms I work with. I will make sure you get what you need


    My website has a great selection of flower. http://Www.weluvhemp.com Email me at weluvhemp@gmail.com after you look at it and I can get you some smaller quantities put together. Not sure where you are located but I will ship if it is legal in your state.


    Hello Zach, we can do both ounce and pound orders. Please Email us at demigodd8official@gmail.com


    Hello, we can split an lb of CBD flower upto 4 strains. MoonDragonHemp.com


    We are new to this forum but not new to the industry. We can help you get the flower you need. We are the growers and dont deal with middlemen. Im certain we can help you. We have $4 1/8th on 14 different strains.

    Jarrett F.

    I can definitely help you out with this request. Please reach out blake@rdspfarms.com.
    You can check out our Delta 8 products at http://www.smokeunicorn.com or our cdb at http://www.oregonoriginals.com or our farm at http://www.rdspfarms.com


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    Galaxy Groves

    I can supply you high quality at great prices on any cannabinoid including d8 and hhc. We are the oil processor so no middle man. All of our gummies are large 6 gram ones not the standard small gummies to try and make them cheaper. We do all vegan pectin. Message or email me and well take care of you. I have some awesome 50/50 d8/d9 gummies that smack!


    Jammer-store.de ist ein Online-Shop für deutsche handy störsender, der seit mehr als 5 Jahren in Betrieb ist und sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, die Privatsphäre und Sicherheit der Kunden zu schützen. Hier finden Sie eine Vielzahl hochwertiger Kommunikations sicherheits geräte zu günstigen Preisen.


    Contact us at dainawats@gmail.com
    Wickr: kingmario12


    Premium Quality. Hand Trimmed.

    Price / Pound (USD): $205
    Quantity Available: 150 Pounds

    Samples Available: Not Applicable
    International Shipping: Yes
    Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1
    Payment Options: Cash, Wire, Certified Check, Card, Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, Quickbooks Invoice

    Contact Us
    Email: kingmario247@prontonmail.com
    Wickr: kingmario12
    Kik: Kingario247

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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