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    Don S

    Can anyone recommend sources to purchase hemp flower by the pound. I have read the Hall of Shame threads, etc. and seeing mixed reviews, and still uneasy. Need a reliable honest source to purchase one pound each to start of 3-5 different strains, trimmed ready to go high quality flower for our store. Does anyone have first hand experience and a good history with suppliers? Thank you! – Don


    I am a Colorado grower with about 2,000lbs of organic Lifter hemp 2019 harvest.


    Hi Don!

    We’re a women-owned company and can definitely help you out.

    Please check out our listing below and reach out to our specialist, Alexis, directly via text or call.


    Greetings, thank you all for posting! Please provide links to your listings on the Marketplace so that our forums users can find your listing and reach out to you!

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    Ira Crawford

    Try Earthspring Organics. They have four different varieties they grow indoor that were testing in the 15-18% CBD range, and have high quality outdoor grow connections too.

    Khalid H

    Has anyone ever heard of Golden Acquisitions/

    I saw one review, but it was from a profile created 7 days ago.

    mike petti

    Hello we have excellent product and great pricing to go with it. Located in North Carolina we have 4 strains ready to ship. Honolulu Haze Frosted Lime Cherry wine and Trump. No seeds or big stems. This years fresh harvest.

    mike petti

    we also carry moon rocks

    Thomas Walsh

    Hey Don,

    I’d be glad to help you out!


    I have direct access to lots of farms here in Southern Oregon. All have premium top flower and biomass too, ranging from 17-21% CBD. Reasonable prices and volume discounts.


    Farming 300 acres of CBD hemp since 2015.

    Checkout their Reddit reviews too. The real deal if you’re looking for the highest quality and dealing directly with the farmers instead of brokers and middle-men.

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    I work with a few farms in Southern Oregon and have access to a wide variety of premium flower. Please contact me for more info; COA’s, photos and pricing!


    Katelyn Galante

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    Joe V Davis

    Howdy Don,

    Not sure if you have your source but we would be interested in providing the necessary info you need to evaluate our company. For additional info, please see link below.⅛-oz-to-1-oz-individual-unit-sizes/

    Shaman Testerman

    I’m not a farmer or middleman promoting products. I’m your average Joe who treats his self and my old cancer ridden hound dog with @jtreece familys organic farmed SISKIYOU GOLD. A pound shipped is 90 bucks. Great nose. Beautiful green and golden buds drip with stickiness and resin. I’ve bought pounds elsewhere with success but none at this price and the qaulity be A+. Treece farms advertises in the listings

    Joshua Gould

    Hello, we are hemp farmers in Upstate,NY looking for buyers. We currently have over 10 strains available with hundreds of pounds of each ready to go.

    Rose Maine

    Hey everyone,
    I would be glad to help any buyer looking for quality hemp flower, cbd distillate. Located, Colorado. Local and international shipping available.


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    Ryan Garity


Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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