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    Check Out the New Expanded Listings

    We have expanded NEW information fields on our listings to help buyers understand even more about what sellers have to offer. We have added the following fields:

    COA Available – Sellers can now let you know if they have COA’s available for their products.

    Samples – Since many buyers ask for samples, we have now made it easy to see if sellers offer them.

    International Shipping – As the Hemp Marketplace continues to grow and interest increases from all over the world, we now include if international shipping is available.

    MOQ – We’ve also added the Minimum Order Quantity that a seller is willing to sell of their product.

    Payment Options – Finally, we have included acceptable payment methods, such as cash, checks, bank wire, PayPal, Zelle or any other payments options.

    Buyers, if you do not see this information on the products you are interested in purchasing, please tell the seller to update their listing with that information!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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