Opening a CBD delivery service in Lansing, looking for samples and advice!

Hemp Marketplace HelpOpening a CBD delivery service in Lansing, looking for samples and advice!

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    Catt Smith

    Hey everybody I’m located In lansing Michigan and I’m 0pening a CBD delivery business that will also stock other plants with possible healing properties.

    There are currently no Delivery services in Lansing but there are three in East lansing already telling me that there is lots of money in the area, I really just need to get in now.

    So I’m looking for the highest quality smokable hemp flower, nobody in the area is stocking flower on their shelves and I would like to take advantage of this ASAP.

    I’ve seen CBD crumble before, how can I purchase this or cheaply process it myself? Can I blow wax from hemp the same way I would from regular bud?

    I am also looking for THC Isolate.

    Really I’m looking for variety so get at me with your offers guys I’m looking to start my business ASAP. If anybody has any advice I’m all ears

    Catt Smith

    Cbd not thc


    High germination and feminization cbd hemp seeds


    Did you already got the licence from Michigan Agriculture? If not – I’ll recomend you to do so. Or gentlemen in blue will stop by one day and confiscate your product. You are not allowed to sell Hemp products without the license according to the state. I’m also in Michigan. St Clair Shores.

    BecksBody, LLC

    Do you need a supply of smokeable flower, biomass, or other raw forms, or only isolate? We are also located in Michigan.

    Mark Maloney

    Hi Catt,

    I am an organic hemp farm owner in PA but we have a distribution partner in Lansing. Let me know if you want me to provide you with variety and pricing info for our hemp flower. Samples of our high CBD flower are already in Lansing.




    I work with a few hemp farms in Southern Oregon. I can email info; COA, photo’s of Flower, and pricing.


    Hey There!

    We would love to help out! We have 7 ready-to-go strains currently available 🙂

    Joe V Davis
    Eric Nakashima

    Hi Catt,

    We would be happy to send you some CBD hemp flower to sample.
    We have high quality CBD flower available by the lb or we have pre packaged 3.5grams,7 grams or 14gram wholesale bags available.
    send me your address if you would like samples sent to you.

    Thank you,
    Hopper’s Hemp Farm

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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