Own (2)Centurion3.0 trimming machines, would like to partner with a farm(OR)

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    We own some trimming machines but 2 are going to remain unused in our trimming operation. They are brand new. We would like to partner with a farm. We are not a mobile service. We would like to do a split or a reasonable tolling to set up the machine on the farm. The machines are paid for and we are not looking for any money upfront. Just make sure you have a generator or the proper electrical setup. Trimmer – Input Voltage- 13Amp – 110V (3.5 amps). Leaf Collector – Input Voltage- 34 Amp – 220V NA

    The 3.0 trimmer is one of the highest capacity automated trimming machines in the world, producing the work of over 75 human trimmers without sacrificing quality.

    Suitable for either wet or dry marijuana flowers, this trimming machine will harvest a whopping 50 lbs dry (250 lbs wet) per hour of use.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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