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    While the vast majority of buyers and sellers on the Hemp Marketplace are honest folks, there are a small number of individuals who are actively involved in posting fraudulent Listings. This Board exists for us to highlight these individuals and warn others to stay away from them. If you have an experience with one of these individuals, please post their Listing and your experience. To see older scam reports please click here.

    Jason Kreykes

    I don’t know yet that they’re illegitimate, but so far i have gotten no responses from any of my inquiries to Oregon sources for hemp flower.


    @ultracoldextracts Careful with these guys. Typical scenario, once you send the money, they disappear. Lost ~$1100 after trying to purchase some T free distillate. A month has passed and still nothing.

    Melissa P

    BioLab Global is a no-go @solcbd704 is running a scam. They offer a high quality picture of their CBD flower but send out pea sized flowers with mold on them at $180 a pound without paperwork or labels on the pounds. They are awfully hard to get a hold of and it’s like pulling teeth with them. I’m not sure what or how people have reviewed them for being reputable. I had to call three different numbers and text two different numbers before someone finally answered. It took 3 days after paying for the products to even receive a word from the company. They lack many factors that other companies automatically can offer . Do yourself a favor and don’t buy from Paul Columbus.

    I’ve tried texting Paul as he never wants to talk on the phone and I am waiting for them to make this right.

    Wolfie Perez

    Don’t buy from @solcbd704 Completely unprofessional and will send you moldy flower. It looks nothing at all like the pictures on their website. It took me 2 days to get ahold of someone and 10 phone calls later “I’m in my greenhouse working on a fan I can’t hear shit call later”
    @ not_a_broker on instagram



    Bill Belanger

    Do you post names of individuals?


    Have been scammed out of 4 free samples with promises of purchasing our product, pretty disgusting to say the least. What happen to honesty, George Grant Cleveland Ohio,(holistic living) tells me how many stores he has and that he can use our product, sent photos to make sure it was what he was looking for, sent the large sample out and never heard a word back, even blocked my number when all I wanted to do was find out if it worked for his needs or one, Clifford Lapan Black River NY, even went so far as to order after recieveing the sample, we did not have an account set up quite yet and trusted him to pay, told us he sent the check out the day we sent him a copy of the shipping notice, next time we heard from him much later he tells me he will have his gal cancel that check and send us another one, you know where that went, next one to watch out for Robbie Hill Fayetteville NC, sent him a nice sample and never heard from him again, phone disconected etc. I had no idea how many crooks were out there..we just want to do business with good honest people and that is very hard to find..I have more information on these people if anyone needs it..Thanks


    Ben Wilcox

    Salem Heidz out of Falling Waters, West Virginia. Email is Ordered 3lbs, I sent it and not only did the tracking number say it got there, but he also confirmed it to me in an email. He never paid me, I was hoping he would be a regular customer who I ship to and they send back a check, simple enough, but he never paid despite multiple reminders and late notices until I finally gave up. I would not trust him, he probably has multiple aliases, beware of anyone who orders hemp being shipped to Falling Waters, West Virginia. I have hears from other growers who he has scammed out of samples, etc. Too so I think he just goes around trying to get as much free hemp as he can so he can probably resell it for cheap to whoever he can.

    Blaine Krumpe

    Sample scammers:

    Patrick Johnson or Jacob:
    John Parker or John Smith or Darrel:
    Both addresses from Cincinnati Ohio 45223. Tracking shows delivered and then a sob story gets spun about neighbors taking it and needing more, going to open up a shop, etc.

    Sheek’Ah T. Michelle:
    Yashica Thompson:
    Both addresses from New Orleans, LA 70117. Tracking shows delivered and then a BS story to get more samples.

    Paul Murdoch

    @brianmiller, George Grant. Pure scammer. Ordered product, paid by Quickbooks, reversed charges after receiving the shipment.

    Jarrett F.

    That sucks, Jason. try


    American white Label are scamming people.Do not order from them .I placed an order 2 months ago and tried to contact them multiple times after .They keep telling me they’ve send it .Then after a month waiting and trying to get a hold of them they tell me they’ll send me a refund for 4100$ Just to make me wait another month with not picking up the phone or answer messages.Now they’ve put a joke fake computer voice message just for my phone .I’ve tried to contact them multiple times .Definitely do not recommend.@hawaiico STOP SCAMMING THE PEOPLE

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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