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    I placed a few small orders first 1lb of every strain available to test and a lb of moonrock. Everything was fine.

    I liked two strains so ordered 10 more lbs banana bread frosted lime.

    I then ordered 10 lbs of frosted lime alone followed by 20lbs frosted lime everything was the same and good smooth transactions shipping took a little more time than 20 other companies I buy from.

    I then order 50 lbs of frosted lime. Never shows up. I’m told by marijahs it was seized but will be released this goes on for a number of weeks.

    Still waiting for the 50lbs of frosted lime. I order 50lb more of Hawaiian 30 lbs 10lbs OG 10 lbs bubba kush.

    Hawaiian never comes but a 20 lb box which was supposed to be OG and bubba looked and smelled like brown dirt. I called marijahs and am told that’s our cherry wine. Sorry. Still no Hawaiian and still no frosted lime.

    Then yesterday a box comes 25 lbs of something that says frosted lime on paperwork but is nothing like my original 4-5 orders. Nothing at all. Not to mention short 25lbs and a month late

    I call marijahs to set up return but am told they don’t accept return but issued a return the day previous for the bubba og order.

    As it stands I have a 25 lb box of not frosted lime just some dry junk.

    And nothing else. They have $26k tied up. Initially they had a great product but now just tie up money ship trash then blame the consumer and get mad when asked to be honorable.

    Do not do business with this company
    I buy from IHF backwoodzcultire Krush day one organic Norfolk farms hempire direct Boston hempire northwestern oregonics ceiba just to name a few. I buy 200-250 units per month.

    I’m straight up and handle business right.

    One person in the company I think his name is Kevin He handles things right any big companies out there reach out to him he would be an asset. He fast responsive and handles things.

    His boss even attempted to throw him under the bus. She is bad to deal with and straight lies.

    RAW Moderator

    I was informed that this seller and buyer have worked out their issues. So goad to know we can be professional with each other.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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