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    I just recently order 2 pounds for 340$ overnight never received dude stopped texting and now has blocked me. This was the link they used I do have pics to prove they scammed me and I also have pics to post. Since they deleted their post I can’t report directly had to contact raw directly. Guy turned off phone and never responded. Said he would send tracking everything never sent now I can’t even mention the name because post can be deleted after scamming people


    Watch out for this cell
    +1 (646) 399-1876
    This telegram
    And company Gravity Box.
    Cash app JamesBott2884
    This person and company is a thief of all thieves. Tried to delete our convo and never sent me order. Thieves that need to be stopped.

    Joe Allan

    Thanks for information


    BUMP! Please admins work with web developers to fix this!

    Luckily I have not been scammed on here, but I have thwarted many scam attempts on the sideline. Its crazy what people are trying to do. I had a guy try to return 12 grand in product,,, he mailed me back coal briskets… his gig all hinged on me refunding him before the shipment arrived.. and blaming it on the shipping company!
    Do not refund until products are returned!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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