Should there be limitations on how we use CBD in our food?

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    These days you will see CBD products everywhere. Folks everywhere are trying it out, either selling or buying. There are many who are still apprehensive, unsure of what direction the industry is headed. This article questions how far we are willing to go with cbd. Asking this kind of question seems to imply that there will be a decline in the way we use these products. The author seems to want to set limitations on where cbd products are used, stating that too much is happening already. I say, put cbd everywhere! We should try it on every food, who knows how it could turn out.
    I’d like to hear others thoughts on these questions: Should we be imposing limitations on how CBD is used in our food at this stage in the game?
    Does adding CBD to our diets alter the nutritional benefits of what we eat, enough to a point that it is necessary to have as a widespread option?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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