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    The Hemp community has an opportunity to now sign a Petition suggesting Congress change the legal definition of hemp to allow 1% THC rather than 0.3%. The 0.3% THC has been the standard in the hemp world for quite some time, but it has turned out not be ideal for producing certain cultivars.

    What are some other thoughts on the changing of this definition, do people think Congress will approve after receiving this petition?
    What would a standard of 3% THC do for the industry, and what would happen to the crops that were grown with the 0.3% regulation?


    I’d love a 1-3% legal limit of THC. The 0.3% is a joke and unfortunately most of my customers still have to combine it with a little THC to achieve the effect they’re looking for. With an increase in THC I think it would really help those looking for smaller doses of THC and more CBD both physically and financially.

    Older crops grown with smaller limits would still sell. I just think they’d eventually be discounted to make room for the new standard with the new crop.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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