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    Ivan Pejkovic

    I ordered 100g of CBD isolate from Company Eczane Group from Turkey. I paid 500€ 17.6 2019 in advance. If you look at their website they seems legit. https://www.eczanegroup.com/ Before payment they was very polite and helpful. When i did bank transfer they cut all communications. They just tell me that I should wait for tracking number. Now 6 days are passed, no explanation, no money refund no tracking number. Be aware! Dont give them money in advance! If somebody is interested I can show invoice, bank bill and communications!

    Best regards!


    Yeah don’t ever do business in turkey most of their CBD products are not of quality and the businesses there are unethical. No one should ever give money in advance. Most legitimate labs use paypal or wire transfer, and you don’t not have to pay them upfront. physically go to the lab and pick up the product or have the lab send you the product via their shipping companies whom they have agreements with.


    I contacted the website admin about this seller back in January and provided plenty of proof he was scamming. He had bank accounts in African names, showed me photoshopped proof of other business transactions.. When I asked him about the African names he stated they were his ‘cashiers’ and that’s simply how they collected payments under $50K. I tried wiring him a small amount of money after I got suspicious and my bank didn’t even let me. I got a message that the account numbers were used for fraud.

    It’s a shame they let him continue.


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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