What does a high quality delta 8 thc distillate look like?

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    Delta 8 thc distillate is a sticky, viscous oil ranging in color from amber to rosé to gold to light-golden translucent (semi-transparent) to totally transparent. The best Delta 8 thc distillate oils aren’t too dark or brown like a dark maple syrup. That probably means it contains some plant matter.

    You should be able to see your distillates well enough to determine their quality. That means you get some sort of container that you can see through. If a manufacturer puts their distillate in a container you can’t see through (opaque), it’s a definite red flag in my book. That makes no sense. Why would they do that? They have no reason to do that other than to hide something. Most of the time, they try to hide the fact that the oil still has impurities. It’s dark and it needs more work or maybe its just not good. I don’t know.

    Great full-spectrum delta 8 distillate contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids naturally present in hemp flower. Because most delta 8 is converted from another cannabinoid, it’s usually offered in isolate form. Many manufacturers content themselves with simply combining delta 8 distillate with a few terpenes for flavor—true full-spectrum D8 distillate is as rare as it is desirable.

    When the full entourage of beneficial substances found in hemp flower gets together, delta 8 distillate offers the strongest effects. It makes individual cannabinoids more effective than they would be alone.

    Great Full-spectrum delta 8 distillate tastes amazing. It smells amazing. It makes all your products taste awesome. Full-spectrum D8 is a treasure trove, and if manufactured properly, it should taste just as bomb as any d9 or CBD distillate you’ve ever had.I’m talking about lit AF. It is some of the best oil you have ever had in your life. Thoughts?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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