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    The key question most farmers ask is who will purchase their crop and how much can they get for it? While there are many ways to answer that question I wanted to focus on the anticipated price per percent (ppp) a farmer can expect this fall.
    I have seen that the price of almost anything depends on how much there is (supply) and how many people want to buy it (demand).

    There will be a lot of hemp available this fall, maybe as much as 4 times as much biomass as last year. But there are also a rapidly growing number of manufacturers who are looking to include hemp products into the things they make.

    Crystal balls are always cloudy, so with that in mind, I expect the sales price this fall to be very similar to last year with a slight downward pressure – in the $2.75 to $3.15 ppp.


    I think we’ll be in the $15-20/lb ballpark for 10-12% material from October-December with prices creeping back up in January-March and peaking around May-July.

    Like you said, impossible to know for sure without a crystal ball.

    Quality will be an important factor, most farmers should worry about how many acres they can harvest instead of how many acres they can grow.

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    Great advice Rafael about harvesting. Growing is one whole set of tasks and concerns. But effectively harvesting, srying, curing and storing will be very important as the valuable parts of the plant are fragile.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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