The Many Uses for Hemp

It is often said that hemp has over 25,000 uses and I truly believe that. The more we discover about the properties of hemp the more application we find for it. While the Draft of our Constitution was...

Hemp Fabric Kills Staph Bacteria

Written by: Julia Travers Staph, or Staphylococcus Aureus, infections are common in health care settings. Many can be cured with antibiotics, but not Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, or MR...

2019 Hemp Harvest Up More than 50% Over Last Year

By Steven Hoffman – Let’s Talk Hemp While farmers across America faced a number of challenges growing hemp this past season, when all is said and done, it is estimated that the total numbe...

Hemp Fiber

Attention Turns to the Whole Hemp Plant

By Andrew Kelly The CBD bubble’s about to burst? GREAT! Can’t happen quick enough in my opinion. In the long run, this “pop” won’t deplete the market, but rather expand it. CBD products will be cheape...

Here Come The Minors

When one thinks about Cannabinoids the first letters that typically come to mind are THC and CBD, but that is beginning to change. Since there are over 105 different cannabinoids already identified it...

Hemp Hardwoods, Bioplastics Expand Crop Use Beyond CBD

By Jean Lotus DENVER, Oct. 2 (UPI) — Most U.S. farmers are growing hemp for cannabidiol, but hemp-based hardwood and bioplastics businesses have sprouted up this fall, expanding the newly legal ...

An Introduction to Industrial Hemp, Hemp Agronomy, and UK Agronomic Hemp Research

Written by D.W. Williams, UK Department of Plant and Soil Sciences and Rich Mundell, Kentucky Tobacco Research and Development Center. Introduction to Industrial Hemp

Hemp Harvest Stats – 2018

Here is a flyer created by Vote Hemp showing the U.S. Crop Report with State-by-State harvest acres for both 2017 and 2018.

Congressional Research Service Hemp Report

Almost every year the Congressional Research Service publishes an extensive paper describing the latest updates as they relate to hemp as an Agricultural Commodity. Click here to download the 2018 rep...

Hemp Licences for 2019 increases by 328%

by New Frontier Data   The 29 U.S. states having reporting licensed hemp cultivation acreage total nearly half a million acres in combined cultivation land area, a massive increase over 2018’s co...

Eamon M. Keane – Forum Moderator

In 2016 I realized that college was not on my ideal path or journey. I ended up looking into industries that I was passionate about to find opportunities for a young college student to start a busines...

Alabama Farmers Get First Look at Hemp Plants

A group of Alabama farmers react to the first delivery of hemp clones to be planted during their 2019 growing season.

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