Isolate 04/15/2021

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We are selling hemp isolates in bulk CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDV, THCV also 10 and 20% water soluble CBD and CBN, 50 % distillate crystal resin or regular, 80% distillate. Before shipping need to check each country shipping possibilities. Mostly shipping by UPS. Packed in plastic or metal container.
Not Applicable
1 kg

: Northeast Heritage Limited

All our products made in EU, well tested from pesticides, heavy metals.
CBD 99%<
CBG 97%<
CBC 98%<
CBN 98%<
CBDV 98%<
Water soluble
CBD 10%, 20% powder or liquid
CBN 10%, 20% powder or liquid
Distillates THC ND
50% crystal resin or regular

Highest quality, well tested. COA available.
We would be happy send you our pricelist.

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