Equipment 05/03/2021

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Solventless Terpene Extraction: 300-400 lb / day wet material

Cryo-Ethanol Extraction: 100 lb / day

Short-Path Distillation: CBD, CBG, Delta-8 compatible - 12 Liter kit

Finished Product Formulation: Proven Recipes, SOPs included
Tincture, Lotions, Salves, Bath Salts, Roll-Ons, Gummies, Water Soluble etc.
New River Distilling Company
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: Daniel W. Meehan

We are offering a second round of "On-Farm Extraction Outposts" in 2021 in limited quantities [4 total].

This system has 3 options where the customer can pick which options best suites their operation.

The solventless terpene option allows farmers to process their biomass "WET", fresh from the field, capturing the highest quality terpenes. All cannabinoids are retained and ready for extraction after terpene removal. Cannabinoid extraction takes place in a centrifuge based extraction method utilizing -40C ethanol. This extraction option will leave you with 55-65%+ crude which is ready for the short-path distillation option which can refine multiple crude types [CBD, CBG, D8 / D9 THC]. If all SOPs are followed properly, we guarantee a minimum of 85% total cannabinoid potency on a first pass.

Finished product build-out and recipes available!

Package prices include training, SOPs and troubleshooting. Please inquire about pricing.

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